A Stone Soup
The myths and facts about machine translation

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Useful tips for those who travel to China

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Cultural Assessment
Pronounce-ability, meaning, connotation, appropriateness of your message and more.

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Who we are. Corporate philosophy.

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Customer Feedback
We do free onsite research for our best clients

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Designing Global Documents
How to design a global document

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Electronic Games
What colors, music and other elements must be changed to launch your game in another culture. A wealth of cross-cultural expertise.

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Finance Industry
Corporate and banking regulatory information

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Legal Industry
Translating for international legal community.

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Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices
From medical trial documentation, to complex technical instructions, to pharmaceutical warning labels.

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Multilingual Business Cards
Tips on the design of an international business card

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Selecting a Translation Vendor
How to go about selecting a vendor

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Translating for the automotive industry

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The Process is King
About our production process

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What We Do Best
A bit about the company history and its founder

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Who We Are
How we become an extension of your department

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Writing Global Documents
How to write a global document

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