We Only Look Good When You Look Good

Our Project Managers strive for quality and cost control by leveraging past experience. Why do our clients tell us our work looks good? Because it is good. It’s good, because we become an extension of their team. Their goals are our goals and their success is the only true measure of our success.

When you call One Planet, you’ll never be put on “ignore” and be subjected to listening to Kenny G. Your PM is always available. Your questions will be handled promptly and expertly. This level of personal attention is the core of our business philosophy.


After receiving 4-figure proposals for translating benefits material, we stumbled upon One Planet, who eagerly put a proposal together and delivered a document to us in less than 12 hours…for 1/3 the cost.


Quality Assurance

How many steps does it take to ensure that translation is as clear and as easy to understand as the original? Three? Four? Five? Try seven. One Planet’s 7 Step Quality Control process is integrated into every stage of your project’s progression, not just at the end.

Every company has its own specific language. We reflect this in each and every document. The effect? Linguistically crisp, culturally sensitive and professionally competent translation.


I wanted to thank you and your team for all your help launching Stage III. You did an amazing job, considering how complex it was. Perfect! I am truly looking forward to working with you again.


Cost Efficiency

At One Planet, no translation project is too big or too small. We utilize only the appropriate specialists needed for each job and employ a wealth of translation technology. In fact, we lead the way in emerging technologies for the Translation Industry.

Take a look at our core staff. These are mostly Project Managers reporting to the Director of Projects, Chris (he’s the guy on the left wearing a black shirt). Chris in turn reports directly to Gregory, our CEO and Founder (the only one with gray hair on this picture and in this company). Our clients demand high productivity and low cost, so we run a “lean and mean” operation.


Thank you for investing so much quality in our projects; specifically, thank you for your hard work, quality translations, superlative management, timeliness of delivery, on-the-ball communication, and overall support for the success of each project we have tasked you with. It’s a pleasure being associated with you.


Similar Schools of Thought

We work with your people to translate technical material, software files, websites and marketing collateral into the languages of your customers. The end result must transcend ambiguities, cultural nuances and linguistic connotations. But technical and business translation is merely where our services begin. We also provide:

  • Interpretation for meetings, training programs and conferences
  • Software and website localization
  • Video voice-overs and subtitling
  • Foreign language call centers

We act as a documentation clearinghouse for many of our clients. Ask us about our global distribution services for all your technical documentation (including English).

Rockwel Software

As a provider of translation services they are unsurpassed. They are competent and diligent. Their work is always done on time and the quality is the best we have seen.

Rockwell Software

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