Translation, Editing, Proofreading
This is the most popular level of service we provide. It includes our proprietary translation process with seven quality control checkpoints built into it.

Translations are performed by professional translators residing in the target country. Then, they are edited by a native-speaking editor with experience in your industry. Next, it goes to linguistic proofreading and finally, your Project Manager completes the Quality Assurance process. It includes incorporating your in-country reviewer’s feedback (if you choose to engage one). The above process ensures near 100% accuracy.

This level of service is most appropriate for any message addressed to the marketplace (be it promotional or technical).

Typically, the Best Translation Process should be used for any content that reflects your brand where nothing less than perfect would do. Specifically, it applies to sales and marketing material, legal contracts, medical related information, brochures, operation and service manuals, user guides and product specifications.

We offer the entire spectrum of translation quality.
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