One Planet translates to and from all languages. We work with complex technical, legal, medical and scientific documents. We also translate websites, patents and computer software. Our highly-adept staff will custom-tailor a translation program to help you meet your strategic globalization goals.

Gardner & Denver

It has been a pleasure working with all of you. Your staff has given us many suggestions which have saved us time and money. We couldn’t be happier with your work.

Gene Bluhm, Rotary
Compressor Engineering


We speak all the languages where business is spoken!

  • Multilingual conferences
  • Contract negotiations
  • Telephone interpreting
  • Medical emergencies
  • Depositions

Industrial Scientific

Clark and the team at One Planet organized the simultaneous interpretation to French and Chinese attendees via headsets from translation booths containing live translators in our meeting rooms. While all attendees followed the on screen presentation in the room on 3 screens (English, French, Chinese), they listened live to the interpreters via wireless headsets. In addition, One Planet assisted with the translation of all meeting documents and literally made all our international guests feel like they never left home.

Chris Lange, Director of Marketing
Americas and EMEA

Software Localization

Once software is translated it should be adjusted as follows:

  • Adapt the application environment to meet the needs and expectations of users in another culture
  • Modify graphic elements to meet local norms
  • Accommodate language-specific hardware (such as keyboards)
  • Modify the interface for linguistic consistency
  • Adapt software functions to adhere to local standards


Your dedication and professionalism made One Planet one of our key suppliers.

Jacques Lèvy, IBM

Website Localization

One Planet offers seamless localization and management of ever evolving websites. We can greatly simplify the process of identifying new content, exchanging files and publishing revisions. The array of our website localization services provides:

  • Automated content extraction (no need to pass files back and forth)
  • Automatic change detection (updates and changes to the website can be automatically detected and translated according to your schedule)
  • In-layout translation (reduces website verification testing hours thus saving you mucho money)
  • Translation proxy (no need to organize and store foreign language versions of content)
  • Layout and design changes that do not affect text are automatically implemented (free of charge)

Not sure what all this mumbo-jumbo means? It means total control. Talk to one of our Project Managers or use the Chat for details.


One Planet’s Total Control allows us to seamlessly integrate translation into your website with little effort and with surprisingly low cost. It’s like magic!

Susan Ross,
Digital Content Specialist

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